Santa Barbara Wine Pairing

Wine pairing is the art of matching specific wines to foods that complement the flavors, aromas, and textures of the wine. Some foods do not pair as well with wine as others. Shellfish for example pair badly with red wines because of high iodine content.

If you're new to wine pairing the easiest way to start is just by matching colors. Red wine typically goes best with red meats, while white pairs well with seafood or lighter meals. Below are some general pairing guidelines, but always be sure to check with the winery for the best pairing ideas.

Zifandel: A lighter wine, pairs well with grilled meat, American cuisine. - Red/Grilled Meat, or Barbeque

Cabernet Sauvignon: A heavier red wine, pairs well with red meat.

Syrah: Red Meat, Grilled Meat

Chardonnay: A white wine that pairs well with Chicken, Game Birds, Pork, Veal.

Pinot Noir: Generally a lighter red wine, pairs well with Chicken, Game Birds, Pork, and Veal.

Merlot: Chicken, Game Birds, Pork, Veal

Riesling: Generally a sweeter white wine, pairs with light meals such as Salads, Vegetables, Fish.

Sauvignon Blanc: Salads, Vegetables, Fish